About Us

About Us - Who is Ağol Textile?

Ağol Textile, which was established in Istanbul in 2018 and managed to become one of the leading brands in the sector by institutionalizing the production and wholesale of home textile products, is in constant contact with foreign market chains.

It is among the leading brands in the fields of "Home textile and medical textile", which is the main production group of the company, and continues its export-oriented activities. Continuing to work with countries in the Middle East and the near geography, especially European countries, Ağol Textile's primary goal is to provide customer satisfaction, quality production, economical products and services rich in price/performance to customers and increase its market share.

Composed of two main divisions as manufacturing and marketing, Ağol Textile has succeeded in becoming one of the best brands not only in Turkey but also at the global level. Ağol Textile, which provides economic service to everyone, regardless of individual or corporate, in the fields of home textiles and medical textiles, where the fitted sheet comes first, not only keeps up with the ever-changing and developing world by using its resources in the most efficient way, but also brings a different perspective to the sector with its innovative solutions.

As a member of İTHİB and İTO, Ağol Textile carries out contract manufacturing for foreign market chains in certain periods, in addition to its domestic supply chain.