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The bedspread and pique are among the important products used in the bedroom. The main purpose of the bedspread is to contribute to the bedroom decoration and to make the bed look tidy. Although the piqués are mostly produced for people to wear in hot weather, they can also be used as bedspreads since they have extremely stylish models.

The fact that the bedspread models have a useful and stylish appearance increases the preference.

Bed Cover Models

Bedspreads are very important for bedroom decoration. It will completely change the look of the room. Therefore, it is necessary to use a stylish bedspread that suits your taste.

When choosing between bedspread models, you should consider all the details in your bedroom. In addition to curtain, base and furniture colors, you should choose by considering the size of your room and how bright it is.

Double-sided bedspreads can be a nice option for those who like change. In these covers, colors that are compatible with each other are generally used and these colors are more likely to fit in your room.

Satin bedspreads are often included in dowry. These models, which are enriched with various details, are discarded after a while when they are not chosen according to taste. However, there are also more elegant and simple models. You can choose these bedspreads for a long time.

Is Bedspread and Pique the Same Thing?

Pikes are thin covers that are frequently used especially during seasonal transitions. The fact that it is extremely light and generally produced from fabrics with high air permeability provides a great advantage. The prominent patterns in piqué models are usually flowers. Colorful floral patterns harmonize with many rooms, while at the same time adding color to the room. Pique sets usually consist of pique, sheets and pillowcases. While 2 pillowcases are provided next to the double pique, single piques have a single pillowcase. Pique Sets Visit our page for detailed information.

You can use any pique as a bedspread, but you can't use a het bedspread as a pique. Some bedspreads are not suitable for sleeping, as they are made of embroidered and ornate fabrics.

Bed Cover Prices

Although the price of the cover you buy is important, it is useful not to keep the price in the first place when choosing, considering that it will change the whole look of your room.

The prices of the bedspreads vary according to various factors such as the fabric of the model you will buy, its quality, dimensions and whether it is sold as a set or not. Prices increase when there is a special design. The prices of bedspreads also show significant differences according to the pattern on them. Especially, patterns such as cartoon characters and team logos, which are abundant in single-person covers, increase the price because they are licensed. At the same time, the fabric of the pique also affects prices. Since satin fabrics are generally used on special occasions, their prices are more expensive than cotton ones.

Pike prices vary depending on whether it is single or double. Pike dimensions vary not only according to single / double person, but also according to the model. Single piques are produced in 120-130 cm and 200-230 cm lengths. The dimensions of the double piques are; It is around 160-180 cm by 200 cm. You can choose the size according to the size of your bed and your preference.

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