Bed Sheet Selection in Bedroom Textiles

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Bedroom textiles are of great importance in terms of sleep hygiene and sleep health of people. The quality and comfort of linens, duvet covers and quilts, which are in direct contact with our skin while we sleep, provide us with an equally comfortable sleep. When we think that we spend one third of our lives sleeping, we realize once again the importance of choosing the right products.

Sheet Selection is Important

Sheets, which are produced in various sizes and fabric types, laid on the bed in order to keep the beds clean while being used and at the same time ensure the comfort of the users, can cause many problems if the right choice is not made. Bed sheets made from unhealthy fabrics can adversely affect sleep quality and therefore quality of life. During sleep, care should be taken not to choose sheets that will cause itching, sweating and, therefore, disturbing and waking up frequently.

Things to Consider When Choosing Sheets

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a bed sheet is the material from which the sheet is produced. Linens made of quality materials will provide us with a more comfortable sleep. Cotton linens are one of the top quality product groups. Made of 100% cotton, these sheets are a healthy choice for your skin and will keep you comfortable during your sleep.

In addition to the material from which the sheet is produced, the correct choice of its size and weaving density is equally important. The tightly woven sheet fabric is a criterion that increases the feeling of comfort and sleep quality.

In addition, the constant loss and deterioration of the bed sheet is another of the things that cause discomfort while sleeping. For this reason, choosing fitted sheets made of quality materials will increase your sleep quality.

What is a Fitted Sheet?

The type of sheet obtained by passing special elastics on all edges of standard sheet designs in accordance with the bed dimensions is called "fitted sheet". Eliminating problems such as slipping and gathering of the sheet due to movement during sleep, the fitted sheet is one of the most preferred sheet types. Fitted sheets are also produced for baby beds where comfort and safety are important.

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