Cotton Fabric Specifications

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What is Cotton Fabric?

Cotton, as many of us know, is an industrial plant. It is a plant used in many sectors such as textile, cosmetics, medical. Many products such as cotton fiber, cotton wax, cotton oil are obtained.

Cotton fabric is obtained by weaving cotton fiber into yarn and then into fabric. The fabric obtained is Raw Cotton Fabric. Afterwards, dyeing and finishing processes are carried out, and then products such as duvet covers, sheets, clothes, etc. are produced with this fabric and it becomes the product we buy from the stores.


What are the Properties of Cotton Fabric?

Cotton fabric is the most used and preferred fabric type among fabrics. The fact that it can be used in many ways and that it is a natural fabric type are the main reasons for its popularity.

Cotton fiber and cotton fabrics, which have been in use since ancient times, are the healthiest and most natural type of fabric.

The fibrous hairs of the cotton plant are collected and spun into cotton yarn. Thanks to their absorbent properties, these yarns make the cotton fabric feel soft and comfortable. Thanks to these properties, cotton fabrics are more preferred especially in summer and in regions with hot climates.

Cotton fabrics absorb sweat, moisture and liquid; keep you cool and comfortable. They have a breathable structure and do not make you feel the heat in hot weather. For this reason, they are widely preferred in summer clothes and home textile products, socks and underwear products.

Contrary to popular belief, cotton fabrics are fabrics that keep warm even in winter. For this reason, you can use them for four seasons.

Its breathable permeable structure makes it healthy and can be used for a long time thanks to its flexible and durable structure.

Cotton Fabric Care

Cotton fabrics are durable and stretchy fabrics, making washing and drying a little easier. They do not cause problems against hot water washing and high tumble spinning. They do not require special care.

** If the cotton fabric product you have purchased has not been pre-washed, it may shrink a little.

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