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Hygiene, which has become the priority of every institution, even every individual, in today's epidemic conditions, has become the first factor that service or service recipients look for, especially in the service sector. Fulfilling the necessary hygiene conditions in such a sensitive period has turned into an incredibly time-consuming and costly procedure. Whether you are a hotel owner or a hotel guest, you must make your own health or the health of your customers your priority by fulfilling the hygiene requirements. At this point, disposable bedding sets made of nonwoven fabric and its derivatives, which come into play as “life-saving”, will increase your comfort level and offer you a sleep process that will make you feel safer.

What is Nonwoven Fabric?

Nonwoven fabrics, also called disposable or disposable, means "non-woven fabric" as a word. Although they are water resistant due to their texture, their flexible and robust structure also expands their usage areas. These non-woven fabrics, which can be used in hospitals, hotels, dormitories and many other areas, do not show weaving and knitting properties.

What are the Advantages of Disposable Duvet Cover Set?

All you have to do to take advantage of all these privileges and do something hygienic and healthy for your business and your guests at very reasonable prices, is to take a look at Ağol Textile's disposable bed linen sets.

Where is the Disposable Duvet Cover Set Used?

Disposable duvet cover set usage areas can be further diversified. Disposable bed linens that you will purchase with the assurance of Ağol Textile will save you and your business time and budget.

Thanks to the disposable single-person fitted sheet, which is more preferred in the medical and accommodation sectors, it can fulfill the hygiene conditions and can be used for washing, drying, etc. You will profit greatly when there are no phases.

The most important feature of these nonwoven sheets, which are 195 x 80 x 19 cm in size, is that they are suitable for all standard single beds. Mattresses, which you will prepare by laying them out as soon as they are out of the package, are thrown directly after use. The costs of these disposable sheets are also quite affordable. Especially for those who will order wholesale, prices will become more affordable.

Single-use double bed sheets, which are 195 x 150 x 22 cm in size and produced from nonwoven and derivative fabrics with the "disposable" logic, are designed for use in all areas. One of the most tiring things in terms of both physical and cost in places such as hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, hotels and dormitories, is undoubtedly the change of bed linen and sheets. These sheets, which completely eliminate this problem and are suitable for all standard size double beds, are ready for use as soon as they are taken out of the package.

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