Disposable Products

What is a Disposable Textile Product?

Disposable products are produced with "Nonwoven" fabrics. It is used in many fields, especially in the medical sector. One of the most preferred fabrics in the disposable area is nonwoven fabrics.

Nonwoven means non-woven. Nonwoven fabrics are non-woven fabrics. Thanks to their texture and comfortable use, they are very high quality options that are in high demand. As can be understood from the concept of non-woven nonwovens, the costs of these fabrics, which do not show weaving and knitting properties, are quite low. For this reason, the other remarkable aspects of these fabrics, which can be prepared in accordance with the sector's preferences, are that they are resistant to water, flexible and robust. In addition, being suitable for recycling and being sustainable also plays an important role in its preference. You can review the disposable products we offer for wholesale and retail sale below.