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Towels are textile products that help us fulfill the most basic needs of our lives. Therefore, it is one of the most important objects to be cleaned. With the developing technology, such a problem disappears. How Does? With the production of disposable towel. So, what is this disposable towel? In the article below, let's get to know the disposable towel, which has been highly preferred recently. Let's give information about disposable towel sizes and types.

What is Disposable Towel?

The fabric is produced from wood cellulose, a 100% natural material (processed material obtained from the woods of spruce, fir, pine, beech and eucalyptus trees). It does not contain any artificial material. They are recyclable and environmentally friendly towels because they are natural. It has more suction power than cotton towels, which are known to have the highest suction power. Despite the strength of its function, disposable towels are a very light product. It has won hearts with its quick and easy drying feature. Disposable towels, which are of very high quality, are very suitable for business owners and consumers. Personalized disposable towels are the easiest way to protect yourself from bacteria and germs.

Towels are one of the first products that come to mind when we say bathroom textiles. A new solution has now been introduced instead of the most frequently used towels, which cause extra costs to businesses due to wear and tear because they are washed frequently: disposable towels, namely disposable towels. Made of 100% natural and nonwoven fabric offered by Agol Tekstil. The disposable towel, produced in special sizes for all purposes and environmentally friendly, offers the opportunity to be used anywhere you can think of.

Inexpensive disposable towels satisfy everyone who uses them in terms of price / performance. Effort and lost time with frequent washing, drying and folding; On top of that, an extra cost has left its place to the miracle of the disposable towel.

Types of Disposable Towels

Disposable towels are divided into different categories according to their size and usage areas. You can choose from among the disposable towel types according to your purpose of use.

Usage Areas of Disposable Towel

Disposable towels have taken their place in many areas of our lives. However, if we list the frequently used places;

Disposable Towel Sizes and Types

Features of Disposable Towels

Thanks to the many advantages it provides, nonwoven and Disposable towels produced from derivative fabrics have numerous features. The usage areas of these disposable towels, which will allow you to save time and budget, are just as wide:

Disposable Towel Prices

Disposable towel prices of course vary according to usage area, weight and size. You can choose from a variety of disposable towels completely tailored to your needs and quickly create your order in the quantity you want. Disposable towels that provide ease of use include shower towels, face towels, body towels, foot towels, ablution towels, hairdresser towels, sports towels, etc. There are alternatives.

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Disposable Towel Wholesale Order

Disposable towels are usually ordered in bulk. Please contact us for the prices of disposable towels according to minimum order quantity and dimensions. You can easily reach us via our phone number or e-mail on the site, get information and price, and place your order.

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