Disposable Travel Set

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As our pace of life increases, we need more practical and fast solutions. We use various methods to simplify life. One of them is disposable bedding set and disposable travel set, which saves us from washing, drying and space problems. They are also extremely hygienic. These products, which have become very popular recently, are sold at very reasonable prices.

Disposable Travel Set Structure and Features

Nonwoven Fabric! Disposable travel set is produced from Nonwoven fabric. It is very soft and comfortable to use. These products are preferred not only for travels, but also in areas where sterilization is important, such as hospitals and medical centers. It is environmentally friendly. There is the possibility of recycling. Disposable bed linens and travel sets, which are widely used in the medical field, are now frequently preferred by hostels and hotels. Being water resistant, flexible and useful, being easy to clean, being practical are just a few of the features that play an active role in its preference. Apart from that, it does not have allergic properties, which increases the rate of preference considerably.

What Does the Disposable Travel Kit Include?

If you are one of those who say that I cannot give up my hygiene while traveling, disposable, disposable travel sets are just for you. Now you can travel with your spouse, children and family with peace of mind. The disposable travel set contains the items we need most during travel.

In the single use Travel set; rubber sheets, duvet cover, pillowcase, Hand, face and body towels are available. These disposable towels are also very easy to carry. It never takes up space in your suitcase and bag. It is 100% natural and produced from Nonwoven fabric. Its texture does not bother you, on the contrary, it draws you to the depths of comfort. Prices are quite affordable. It does not contain toxic and allergenic substances. So you don't have to hesitate while using it. Its water absorption capacity has been developed using high technology. It does not leave a feeling of wetness.

Disposable Duvet Cover Sets are produced according to your order. If you wish, you can have it produced for a double person or a single person if you wish. You can specify whether the sheet is rubber or rubberless. The size of the disposable elastic single bed sheets is 200x90+22 cm, that is, they are suitable for a standard single bed. The size of single-use double sheets is 200x160+22 cm, so they are suitable for standard double bed sizes.

Which of us would not want to use these comfortable and affordable products? We have sales options. We provide domestic and international shipping. You can contact us to order.

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