How Should I Choose a Pillow?

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The choice of pillow is extremely important for quality sleep and neck health. When you choose a pillow that meets certain criteria and is suitable for the way you sleep, your overall health will be much better and you will feel much more energized during the day.

Pillow Types

There are many different types of pillows, depending on the materials they are made of and their intended use. Just because a pillow is high quality or expensive does not mean that it will be suitable for you. A comfortable and healthy pillow is different for everyone.

Wool Pillows

Wool pillows are pillows that can be used for many years if they are regularly cared for. However, it is not enough just to wash them, you need to air the wool periodically.

This type of pillow has a hard feature. The wool in its content is a substance that can be preferred in terms of health; however, if you are not used to hard pillows, it is possible to face serious neck pain after using a wool pillow.

Cotton Pillows

Cotton pillows are softer than wool pillows, but are still classified as hard pillows. In terms of price, it is one of the most affordable pillow models. If cotton is not mixed with another product, it is extremely suitable for health.

Latex Pillows

You can use these pillows if you suffer from neck and back pain, or if you suffer from insomnia. They are produced from a material that supports your neck. In addition, since they are antibacterial, those who have an allergic body can also use them easily.

Fiber Pillows

Fiber pillows are among the options preferred by those who love soft pillows. It will be comfortable as it takes the shape of your head and neck. Their prices are also very affordable.

Goose Feather Pillows

Goose down is both chemical-free and non-hazardous to human health and extremely comfortable. It will also make you comfortable when used in pillows. Their prices are above average, but they are well worth the money.

Orthopedic Pillows

Orthopedic pillows are usually visco or gel-filled pillows. The most important feature of these pillows is that they have neck support. It is ideal for those who suffer from neck pain and diseases such as neck hernia.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Pillow

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