How Should Sheets and Duvet Cover Fabric Be?

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What should I pay attention to when buying sheets or duvet covers?

Choosing the right duvet cover and sheets will improve your sleep quality. For this reason, you should also pay attention to the fabric when choosing a duvet cover or sheet. Pillowcases are also included in this, of course...

Duvet cover sets usually consist of a duvet cover, pillowcase and sheet. Some duvet sets do not include a sheet, but only a duvet cover (duvet cover) and pillowcase. In both options, the choice of fabric for the duvet cover and the sheet is very important.

Fabric Types Used in Sheets and Duvet Cover Sets

We can basically divide fabric types into two. Knitted Fabrics and Woven Fabrics.

Knitted Fabrics

Knitted fabrics are generally single jersey combed fabrics. They can be 100% cotton or can be produced with a polyester blend.

Knitted fabrics are comfortable to use. It provides ease of washing, generally does not require ironing, and when ironing is required, it is a type of fabric that opens easily.

It is a type of fabric that absorbs sweat, keeps cool and breathes. You can reach our article on single jersey knitted fabrics here and get more detailed information.

Woven Fabrics

Various types and qualities of yarn can be used in woven fabric production. The yarns used are harder twisted than knitted yarns.

In addition to options such as 57 WIRE, 62 WIRE and 72 WIRE, there are the following fabric types in woven fabrics.

Renforcé/Poplin Fabric

It is a standard and widely used type of weaving in cotton fabrics. It is a type of fabric that absorbs moisture and stabilizes heat. The surface of Renforcé fabric is soft and flat. Its weaving is delicate but the material is durable. It is suitable for summer and winter seasons.

Flannel Fabric

Flannel fabric is another type of fabric made from cotton. They are quality fabrics with a slightly rougher surface. For this reason, they are used in home textile products such as duvet covers and blankets rather than sheets. Flannel fabric, like other cotton fabrics, absorbs moisture, breathes and is comfortable to use. It has a nice texture. They are also frequently used in clothing products.

Perkal Cotton Fabric

Percale cotton fabrics are very light fabrics. They are woven quite frequently, their surfaces are generally flat, close to smooth. With its absorbent and cool structure, it is a fabric especially suitable for summer use. Easy to care and wash.

Satin Fabric

Satin, as many of us know, is a shiny, smooth, draped fabric. It is produced by dense weaving method using cotton yarns produced from very fine fibers. It has a silky structure. They are especially used in the production of duvet covers and sheets. Comfortable, Cooling and Comfortable. Makes you feel good.

Jersey Fabric

It has a unique knitting texture. It has an elastic structure. It is comfortable to use and feels good. There are small nets in its texture. It is an easy to wash and maintain fabric. It does not cause problems in ironing. It is a type of fabric suitable for all seasons with its breathable, heat-balancing and moisture-absorbing structure.

For More Details, You Can Review Our Fitted Sheets Fabric Types Article

Knitted and woven fabric types are used in Ağol Textile Bed Sheet and Duvet Cover products. Contact us for detailed information, price and order.

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