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What is Pique?

Pique is a textile product that is preferred especially in hot days such as summer and used instead of a quilt or blanket. Pique can also be used as a decorative bedspread.

Quality sleep is very important to relieve your body's tiredness during the day. The quality of textile products, from the quilt to the bed sheet you use from the bedroom, is as important as your bed.

Our essentials for a good and healthy night's sleep are sheets, pillows and quilts. The quilt has appealed to a healthy lifestyle and has become a part of it.

You can get good results in terms of both your health and a quality sleep if you use quilt forms suitable for the seasons, especially in summer and winter. However, in very hot weather, when the quilt becomes too much, we turn to thinner options for covering. Pique is one of these options.

Pique, which is widely used in summer, is a good option. It is light and sweatproof, suitable for every budget. Other than piqué, blanket models, which can be counted as quilt types, can also be preferred seasonally according to the type of weaving used.

We can say that a blanket is a type of cover woven from wool. It is used on quilt tops or seasonal transitions, in mild cold. Pique, on the other hand, is in the form of a bedspread made of fabric. It is widely used in summer and does not sweat much.

Pique Models

Pique with very stylish designs and soft texture are indispensable for summer months where fabric is generally preferred. With its effortless use, it gives you a comfortable and comfortable sleep experience. It offers you a comfortable and livable living atmosphere. Pique models are a product that can be evaluated both for decorative purposes and for different works. It is important that it is used in sweltering heat, especially in summer, and that it has a thin and delicate texture. It also plays an important role against flies, mosquitoes and insects that appear quite a lot in the summer months.

Pique Sets

Pique sets are sets that include pillowcases and sheets.

In addition, the pillow covers included in the pique set have an easy-to-use opportunity. All kinds of conveniences such as placing or removing your pillows are readily available. Thanks to its thin and comfortable structure, it is with you with its feature of cooling the areas that cause excessive sweating. It is a necessity that can be said to be necessary for every home in terms of its thinness and not occupying much space. There are varieties such as double-single pique sets, dowry pique sets, lace pique sets, bedspreads and duvet cover sets. Microfiber pique varieties are also available. Microfiber pique retains heat better in wet or dry condition. If you want to have a comfortable and deep sleep and start the day in a positive, rested and renewed way, you are at the right address.

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