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As Ağol Tekstil, as a fabric in the production of men's underwear and women's underwear; we use satin, modal, single jersey, open end, carded, camisole and rib. Our products are offered exclusively for wholesale.

Satin Fabric definition and properties

Satin fabric is a type of weaving. The distinctive feature of satin fabric is a smooth, shiny and slippery surface fabric. As Ağol Tekstil, we use satin fabric types in women's underwear and outerwear products. It is produced with a special weaving technique. Satin fabric is always shiny due to its structure. In terms of flexibility, satin fabric stretches less than other fabric types, especially single jersey combed cotton.

Definition and properties of Single Jersey Combed Cotton Fabric

Men's underwear products; as boxer, undershirt, singlet and slip and as home textile products; Single jersey cotton fabric, which is one of the preferred fabrics in the manufacture of products such as fitted sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and throw pillow covers, is an easy-to-clean fabric thanks to its sweat-absorbing feature due to the 0 cotton used in its production. For these reasons, it is useful, healthy and natural. Thanks to its structure, it allows the skin to breathe, and thanks to this feature, it stands out as a fabric preferred in summer sports and extreme temperatures.

Rib Fabric definition and properties

Ribbon is a fabric whose raw material is produced from yarns obtained from cotton. It is a highly flexible fabric with the special knitting method used during production. 0 is cotton. Rib fabric is more flexible than single jersey combed cotton due to its structure and knitting technique. It is natural because it is 0 cotton.

Modal Fabric definition and properties

It differs according to the yarn properties used in the production of modal fabric. Modal fabric is more durable than others. It is a fabric that does not wear out easily and has a high moisture transfer feature. It keeps your skin dry while making it easier to breathe. Modal products are comfortable to use and their fine silky texture gives a feeling of softness. It is frequently used in underwear and T-shirt models produced for men, as well as in T-shirts and underwear products produced for women.

Lycra Fabric definition and properties

Types and proportions of yarn used in making lycra fabrics; – Made of cotton 4% Elastane. It is a durable fabric type with its flexible and robust structure. Thanks to its durable structure, it provides multi-purpose ease of use. It is frequently preferred in Men's and Women's Underwear as a usage area.

Camisole Fabric definition and properties

The fabric, which is called camisole fabric, is a preferred fabric because it is natural and healthy due to the 0 cotton used in its production. It is immediately recognizable among other fabrics thanks to its distinctive characteristics. In terms of its features, it stands out clearly compared to other fabrics thanks to its twill and thick structure. It provides an elegant appearance and ease of use. As a general area of use, it is used in places such as sweaters and women's clothing, as it has high transverse flexibility. The difference with the rib fabric is; It emerges with the needle alignment difference during production.

As Ağol Tekstil, in the production of men's underwear and women's underwear;

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